Southern Bluefin Tuna

Gone Fishing Charters offers charters searching for the elusive Southern Bluefin Tuna on Victoria’s Continental shelf. From early May until July Victorian anglers can tangle with these high speed, hard fighting oceanic wanderers in the waters off Portland in the … Continue reading


One of Victoria’s most sought after and prized fish, the snapper, is found in almost all of Victoria’s saltwater environments from the deep waters off the port of Portland (120m), to the shallow inlets and bays – including captures in … Continue reading


Victoria’s Bass Strait has for years been regarded as one of Australia’s best locations for shark fishing enthusiasts. With many of the shark species recognised by the IGFA as Game Species available, Bass Strait will satisfy all those anglers with … Continue reading

Australian Salmon

Australian Salmon are a prolific schooling fish in the southern parts of Port Phillip Bay and coastal areas of Bass Strait. From mid August until late May Salmon can be found almost everyday on our regular hunts by trolling, and … Continue reading

Assorted Reef Species

Bass Strait and Port Phillip Heads offer a vast amount of reef fishing options, and with hundreds of different species available you are sure to catch something you may never have seen before. Always searching for and finding new unfished … Continue reading

King George Whiting

Considered Victoria’s top table fare the King George Whiting is the mainstay of our targeted species from May to October, but is available year round. A schooling species that bottom feed, the King George Whiting offers great sport for beginners … Continue reading

Yellowtail Kingfish

The once legendary King fishery of Port Phillip Heads seems to have all but gone, but the continuing trends in NSW where the numbers of Kings to be caught has dramatically increased over the last couple of seasons and the … Continue reading

Gummy Shark

For a good fighting fish that is great eating, the Gummy Shark is the choice. Found in varying water depths from 5m to 50m+ the Gummy Shark is a worthwhile proposition year round. Ranging up to 25kg or more, gummies … Continue reading