Victoria’s Bass Strait has for years been regarded as one of Australia’s best locations for shark fishing enthusiasts. With many of the shark species recognised by the IGFA as Game Species available, Bass Strait will satisfy all those anglers with the shark as their target species.

The relatively shallow water makes it an ideal location for light line game fishing and saltwater fly fishing. The abundance of small to mega-sized Makos, the consistent Thresher Shark fishery, and the sheer number of Blue Sharks will keep anglers busy during the shark season which runs from November until May. Bass Strait also offers you the chance to tangle with the occasional Hammerhead and Bronze Whaler.

Techniques used to find these great fighting fish are pretty much universal, but Gone Fishing Charters do have a few tricks which help our clients to experience shark fishing at its best. We have consistently been the top shark charter company and have led the way pioneering Saltwater Fly Fishing for sharks in Bass Strait.

Unlike our competitors we will travel when needed to find our clients fish, and our boat “MASAI” is perfectly set up to do just this in comfort and safety.

Our experienced crew will make your trip unforgettable, and as nearly all of our clients do you will book again with Gone Fishing Charters to tangle with the hard fighting sharks of Bass Strait.



Shortfin Mako, Common Thresher, Oceanic Blue Whaler, Great Hammerhead, Bronze Whaler, Seven Gill, School Shark, Gummy Shark, Spurred Dogshark, White Pointer (viewing only) and more.

best Time

November until May