King George Whiting (Sillaginodes Punctata)

Considered Victoria’s top table fare the King George Whiting is the mainstay of our targeted species from May to October, but is available year round.

A schooling species that bottom feed, the King George Whiting offers great sport for beginners and advanced fishermen alike. Sometimes a very finicky fish, fresh well-presented baits on appropriate rigs will ensure a decent catch.

Queenscliff is well known for its quality winter whiting, with average fish of 42cm through to thumpers in the kilo range at 50cm plus. Strong tides play a part of successful whiting fishing and appropriate rigs are essential. Long leaders of up to 2m and sinkers weighing as much as 12oz are often needed. Owing to this, our standard whiting outfits consist of Penn Spinfisher 7500 SS reels coupled with Shakespeare Ugly Stik rods, but clients are welcome to bring their own gear.

best Time

May - October.

Best Bait

Fresh Calamari Squid, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Pippis and Mussels.