Gummy Shark (Mustelus Antarcticus)

For a good fighting fish that is great eating, the Gummy Shark is the choice. Found in varying water depths from 5m to 50m+ the Gummy Shark is a worthwhile proposition year round. Ranging up to 25kg or more, gummies put up a great fight, especially once the boat is sighted and a scorching run toward the bottom can be expected. In shallow water a surface run with intermittent jumps are the norm. The bite of the Gummy Shark is often mistaken for pickers or squid, but once the hooks are set it’s on for young and old.

Night-time fishing for gummies is rewarding and Gone Fishing Charters offer our clients these trips from June until September.

Being susceptible to different lunar phases, anglers wishing to target these fish are advised to contact us directly for optimum dates.

Burley is useful in shallow water situations and best baits are fresh fillets of oily type fish, crabs, squid or octopus. Rigs vary on fishing locations and are the same as for snapper.

best Time

June until September