Assorted Reef Species

Bass Strait and Port Phillip Heads offer a vast amount of reef fishing options, and with hundreds of different species available you are sure to catch something you may never have seen before.

Always searching for and finding new unfished grounds, Gone Fishing Charters will make the extra effort to put you in the action.

Reef species that may be encountered include, Snapper, Jackass Morwong, Blue Morwong, Redfish, Nannygai, Blue Devil Fish, Ocean Perch, Boarfish, Tasmanian Trumpeter, Trevally, Leather Jacket, Banded and Southern Sweep just to name just a few.

With reefs fished varying in depths from 120m at Portland to the shallow inshore reefs of central Bass Strait, our techniques and gear perfectly suits this type of fishing. The use of Braided fishing line helps anglers have a precise feel for what is going on in the depths below coupled with top of the range terminal tackle you are guaranteed to catch fish. It is also quite common that while fishing the reef systems of Bass Strait that you will encounter various game species including Mako, Thresher, School and Gummy sharks and on occasions Yellowtail Kingfish.

Reef fishing trips are great for social groups out to enjoy a bit of fishing while taking a break from the office or work site, and also for kids who need plenty of action to keep the interest levels up.

Our experienced and friendly crew will clean and bag your catch for your convenience, so all you have to do is cook up a seafood delight for your family and friends!